Market your Blockchain, NFT and Crypto projects the right way

Not everyone gets that marketing in web3 is different to traditional marketing... but we do

With a high emphasis on community building, value proposition and technology your marketing is in good hands. Rest easy knowing our team of experienced and motivated staff will turn your dream into a raging success. From community building to educational content and value building for non-fungible tokens, look no further.

Moderate, Engage and Enlist

Looking to beef up your Community and Customer Service? Need a strong public presence for your growing project? Finding it hard to keep up with community demands? Stress no more!

The Li7 team has a proven track record for putting the pieces together and managing communities and customers. Getting the most out of a plethora of modern platforms and tools, Li7 can help bring your community to life and start you on the road to community driven results.

Lightning fast development and specialist resources

All within reach. Make use of our huge network of contacts! Need talent? Looking to prop up your development team? Need a short term boost to your project? Finding it hard to locate that one specialist resource?

Li7 prides itself on its network of connections and specialty resources. Contact Us with your needs and see how easy it is to find what you need through our extensive and proven network. From development resources through to video production talent we know where to get what you need!

Building your metaverse

Stand out in the virtual crowd by utilising's vast network of connections and resources.

Whether you need help with a kick ass marketing campaign or some specialised design and modelling resources, we've got your back. has experience in a range of areas within the metaverse space including virtual and augmented reality, 3D modelling and customer experience experts.

Finally! Full Scale Data Ecology
is within easy reach

Growing at a huge rate? Struggling to undestand what is really happening in your organisation? Complete reach of your network can be achieved by leveraging vertical and horizontal relationships. Analytical data can be communicated throughout the entire organisation while deep diving to the operational level is at your fingertips.

With the massive volume of information available in today’s connected world, organizations are faced with the challenge of ingesting, organizing, cleansing, deriving insights and predicting outcomes from customer data to reach their business goals

Product page example

Move, cleanse and transform data to automate and complete complex tasks

Built from the data up, the platform focuses on seamless integration of data between containerised applications. The feature rich environment puts you in the captains chair allowing the installation of apps to solve business problems on demand and on time

With Li7 Data Ecology Platform you get containerised integration points that cooperate with authentication, validation and transformation to provide a seamless data migration feature set that will drive your business.

Social Dashboard

Change the look & feel of your website without data migration hell

Solutions for public and private web applications can easily be achieved. Change your mind about how your website looks? No problem, just click a few buttons and your data is now shaped to your new choice.

With Li7 Data Ecology Platform your data is decoupled from its presentation to ensure maximum flexibility for your environment. Front-end technology management is delegated to the container to ensure solutions are discretely provided Philosophy: Respect in everything

The world is a diverse place full of rich cultures, communities and people that are steeped in traditions and customs. proudly promotes a society where people of all genders are equally valued, heard and respected, with equal access to opportunities and live free from discrimination and violence.

Your project is your dream and we understand and respect that too. Everyone sometimes needs help to make their dreams happen. Some aspects of your project are the heart and lifeblood of that dream and to that we tread lightly.

The Li7 team pride themselves on respecting your dream by providing services and connections to help safely level up your project. Contact Us today!
Web3 Services

Blockchain, Crypto and NFT marketing solutions

Whether it's bitcoin, ethereum or an alt-coin, we've got your back. Traditional marketing will only go so far to help you. What you need is web3 marketing. While traditional tools are useful you need a community to support and guide your project. That's where we come in.

Managing Community
Communities are the lifeblood of any web3 project and the team at have a wide range of experience with creating, managing and communicating with communities. Whethere you're looking to build a community driven project or just enrich your projects usage and interactions can show you the way.
Getting the word out is hard. Generating excitement and interest in your project is a difficult task. Why not let the experts help. With a massive reach over web3 relevant people can help promote your annoucements and events.
Targetting the right social environments is key to a successful web3 strategy. The team at has the right experience and talent to build and maintain your social presence, ultimately ensuring the success of your project.
Content is so important with the web3 community. Inforation must be readily at hand and there is no better way than one of the original mediums, the blog. Ranging from technical instruction through to words from the CEO, a blog is a staple in the content world.
Connecting with the right people from the right projects is an essential part of building the reputation of your project. has connections in the web3 space that will help get your project in front of the right people.
The ability to reach out to people and send your message is vital to the health of a project. Promoting the launch of your projects features is an important step in its evolution. The team at can help make your dreams a reality.
Community and Customer

People are what makes your project great

Nurture, support and enablement are the three pillars of success when creating a community. Li7 will work with you on relevant web3 social tools to build, manage and engage your community to power your dreams.

People can't be excited by your dream if they don't know about it! Get the word out using's vast experience. Whether it's generating professional video content or advertising your blogs through reddit, we've got you covered.
The ability for people to reach out and contact you is a powerful and enabling feeling. Say good morning to your community who will be excited to greet you back. Understand the pain points your users are having and prioritise the solution based on their feedback. There is very little down side in collaborating with your community.
Customer Support
Ensuring that your community has easy access to support is the cornerstone of web3. From the smallest of projects through to the most massive systems, can help set up an efficient and productive support system that will keep your community smiling, even when there is a problem.
Trying to promote your project? can help you devise strategies to reach people, no matter what your budget is. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you promote and manage your project milestones.
Need to know what people are thinking? In the world of web3 if you don't understand your customer you will be lost. Employ simple tools to begin collecting information about how users perceive your products and services today.
Easily one of the most powerful marketing tools is the ability to give away your token to generate hype. Begin to see 1000% growth compared to traditional marketing methods when you correctly set up a successful drop. Contact us today to find out how to be successful.

What to do when you're in a jam?

You can call on us to help find the exact web3 resource you need. With thousands of contacts in the web3 and even more in the traditional space, Li7 will have the solution to your needs.

Marketers has a wide range of experienced marketers available to help assist your team. From increasing your global response rate through to setting up an entire team, the team has the experience to help you today.
Global Community Managers
Managing timezones and languages is a pretty daunting task. has a global network of connections to help you set up and maintain local communities all around the globle. We have the contacts that can help you from the US and Canada, through Europe, Africa and into Asia / Oceanana.
Finding developers is a daunting task. Do they have the right skills? Are they reliable? Utilizing decades of project development experience can find the right resource for you. From web3 architects through to testers and QA, this is the place to go.
Content Writers
Our team of content writers is ready to help you! A typical article will take a couple of hours to research and, depending on the type of article, a couple of hours to write and proof. We can then translate it into over 50 differnt languages to help reach your community.
Video Production
If you're not creating video content you're not doing web3! The community wants to see your product in action, learn about it's features and see its specificiations in an attractive and visual way. can help you achieve these goals. Contact us today!
Does your project need a global face? Do you need something new for your content to spice things up? has a diverse talent pool consisting of professional actors through to reliable technical talent. We're here to help you no matter what your budget looks like.

Enter the verse

It's the hottest topic in town. The metaverse is the next evolution of the internet and the team at is surfing the metawave. Whether it's help with concepts, VR and AR, modelling or design we have the expereince and resources to help. Contact Us now!

Virtual Reality
Put on those goggles and strap in for the best experience in the verse (insert echo)... VR is a hot topic in web3 and hooking your VR up to your project will thrust it to the next level. We have a specialist VR team ready to assist you so contact us today!
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality, the baby sister of VR, is the ability to put things on top of other things using digital devices. From a simple business card through to complex augmentation, can help "augment" your current strategy.
VR and AR Training
If you've ever needed to train someone you know how boring it can get. Well not any longer. With VR and AR training you can simulate the actual processes right into your users brains. VR and AR training is a new and exciting method of educating your community.
Generate Metaverse hype
Metaverse... what? Yo, let's go!!! Generating hype for your metaverse needs a multi-directional approach. There are already some big players in the industry so you need to stand out and shine. Let help you using their vast range of connections and experience.
Build the verse
If you're just starting or need some help expanding your growth you've come to the right place. With years of development experience and the knowledge of what it takes to launch a project, can help build your development team to reach your goals.
Support your reality
It's no use building an awesome system if you can't support it. has an experienced team that can help you communicate, collaborate, engage, and learn from your community. Contact us today to find out more on how to support your project.
Data Ecology Platform

Full Scale Data Platform

Built from the data up, the platform focuses on seamless integration of data between containerised applications. The feature rich environment puts you in the captains chair allowing the installation of apps to solve business problems on demand and on time

Conduct your orchestra of information at your own pace. Import from external sources by configuration and mapping, validate data using templated rules, transform it so it sounds right and then engage with other data to generate results. Your successful business starts here.
A proprietry data architecture, data management, optimised lakehouse and reserviors all combine to form an ecology of data that lives and grows in line with your organisation. Finally a fast, accurate and easy solution.
Core systems are available to containerised features that serve required information to your customers and users. Containerised tools allow the dissemination of documents and the communication of ideas and information. Start solving your business challenges today.
Solutions for public and private web applications can easily be achieved. Data is decoupled from front end presentation to ensure the maximum flexability for your environment. Change your mind about how your website looks? No problem, just click a few buttons and your data is now shaped to your new choice.
Search - Access - Analyse
Containerised features bring together data from multiple sources to provide rich and useful and insights into your organisation by utilising the proprietary data retrieval archiecture. Start measuring and understand your business results in seconds.
Maybe your business is just starting. Maybe your business can't justify the overinflated cost of established solutions. Why compromise? Data Ecology SaaS is an incredibly powerful yet affortable solution for your business. Start using this gem today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

Data Ecology Platform Architecture

Reference Architecture
Quick to deploy
Get just the funcitonality you need, when you need it. Install a functioning website in just minutes. Add on features such as shopping carts, analytics and searching. These powerful tools ready for you.
Scalable solitions
Ever made a website and then changed your mind? You've had to start again. Not any more! Change your mind about what your website looks like without reloading everying. It's easy.
Lower IT Costs
Configure your org to suit your needs. No need to ask your IT team, control is at your fingertips


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